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Madam, the name I gave for this work, was inspired by the disney
character, Cinderella's stepmother, Lady Tremaine, starting from
the color of her clothes, her glamorous and elegant nature but
not forgetting her antagonist role, moodboard with the keywords
elegant, prestigious, mysterious, and glamorous, this will be my
reference in the concept and also the color palette.

The materials that I use in this work are corduroy fabric, fancy fabric, jute
fabric, organza fabric, and also beads made of plastic.

The first technique I did was to make a vest pattern, then followed by an
exploration of the materials in the form of burning, cutting, and sewing,
after that all the ornaments that had been explored were put together by
sewing on the vest, then decorated with beads.

Background Gallery_edited.jpg

Vania Ardelia Putri



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