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Ceramic Craft MBKM Program

Sitiwinangun pottery is a state asset and is one of the traditional pottery centers in Indonesia that still survives to this day. Therefore, the role of stakeholders such as craftsmen, cultural observers, academics, and the government must work together to help promote and preserve cultural heritage, especially the Sitiwinangun Pottery Center.

‘Program insentif MBKM ITB 2021’ is a grant program from ITB for the submission of internal study programs. And Undergraduate Program in Craft with proposal entitled " Pengembangan Produk Kreatif dengan Pendekatan Holistik di Sentra Keramik Sitiwinangun Cirebon Jawa Barat " is being accepted to carry out the grant program with Sitiwinangun Pottery.

In partners with pottery craftsmen Sitiwinangun Cirebon, West Java, students from Undergraduate Program in Craft, carry out activities based on projects and collaborations with partners there for one semester. Students and artisan partners work together to create new products with a multidisciplinary approach, not only in visual aesthetic aspects but also involving aspects of branding, packaging, and marketing. The number of artisan partners involved in this activity is five partners, and each partner is accompanied by seven students with different competencies and one supervisor. At the end of the activity/semester, the product resulting from the assistance which is a collaboration between craftsmen, students and lecturers will be exhibited.

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