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Biome represents and responds to life below water. Inspired by coral reefs and sea anemone that need to be conservated. Developments in the current state of technology which focuses on the upstream industry have an impact on environmental pollution with its advancement and development technologies. It causes an impact on environmental conditions, one of which is the ocean and its life inside it. Biome also shows how technology both the old or traditional one and the modern or advanced one can not be neglected in our life. But it doesn’t mean to choose one of them and use it until it shows a negative impact or let one of them vanish from our life. Both of them can work together and can result in a nice combination and balance. Some values embedded in crafts had to be neglected when moving towards industrialization and textile products cannot be separated from the role of technology. This work merging crafts and an advanced biotechnology product, chitosan which is environmentally friendly and comes from crustacean animal waste and has anti-bacterial properties on it. Showing that craft can maintain its values (starting from the aspects of materials, processes, techniques that prioritize hand craftsmanship, touch, etc.) and along with advanced technology products resulting in new values on it.

Innamia Indriani



Natural Fibers Threads, Chitosan, Metal

Knitting and Fabric Manipulation (Coating)

Name :

Innamia Indriani

Social Media :

@namindriani (Instagram)

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