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Kain Tenun Ulos Muara

Ulos woven cloth with the tie technique which is done using the Gedogan loom is a product designed
in an effort to develop natural coloring and the development of the ulos weaving motif. This woven
fabric is dyed with natural indigofera dyes for blue, jackfruit wood for yellow, secang wood for red
and red onion skin for pink. This work is the result of a collaboration between the P3MI KK Craft and
Tradition Team with ulos weaving craftsmen in Muara Tapanuli Utara.

Dian Widiawati, Ratna Panggabean, Asyifa Rachmadina Jiniputri, Nidiya Kusmaya

90 cm x 200 cm



Tenun Ikat - ulos

Name :

Dian Widiawati

Social Media :

@wdnilalang (Instagram)


Email :

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