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Floral analogies have been employed to describe various attributes in art, literature, and throughout the ages of culture. It carries multiple meanings throughout the history of
humanity. The importance of floral presence in Indonesian culture itself long predates its official adoption. Since ancient times, the reverence and elevated status are mostly due to this flower's significance in Indonesian tradition. It is considered a representation of Indonesia's characteristics and values, and interpretation of the nation's symbol reflects its people's beauty and its diverse culture as one.
By visualizing floral analogies' concepts, this collection combines various fabric exploration
techniques in constructing the imagery of femininity, modesty, and grace, bringing in both novel and nostalgic approaches to design. It is intended to express an understanding of how
the nation's symbols and meanings should be well preserved, a form of inspiration in speaking
for its existence of identity in the world today.

Amelinda Alysia

180 x 75 cm


Silk Organza, Taffeta, Canvas

Fabric Manipulation, Embroidery, Textile Painting, Hand Stitch

Name :

Amelinda Alysia

Social Media :

@amelindaalysia (Instagram)

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