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Terra Kultur

The recent growth of independent ceramic studio in Bandung and Jakarta, either art or craft-based studio, has significantly raised public attention to this medium. With a more secure capital and better access to a material supplier, they could continuously develop their design better, primarily in
the colour aspect of their product.

In contrary, many traditional pottery villages in Indonesia that have a long record of history as a ceramic maker such as Singkawang, Banyumulek, Plered, and Kasongan is struggling to survive and hard to compete especially in developing a new range of colour. However, their capacity and skill as craftsmen do have a great potential for exploring texture.

This collaboration research with Natas Setiabudhi and Nidiya Kusmaya tried to fill the gap between that two aspects while also offer another possibility of a colourant which will not depend on the commercial material. The option that this research offers is by using microorganism such as Aspergillus Niger and Monascus sp. to be a colouring agent for the ceramic. Aspergillus Niger offers a black to grey colour-range with a hint of small dot while Monascus sp. Develop a certain range of red with a larger asymmetrical dot.

Akbar Adhi Satrio, Natas Setiabudhi, Nidiya Kusmaya



Stoneware, Monascus Sp., Aspergillus Niger


Name :

Akbar Adhi Satrio

Social Media :

@baradhio (Instagram)

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