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The Journey Of Happiness

“The Journey of Happiness” is a realization of a process that after all this time concepting and working in fine arts that in and on itself is its own happiness.

Throughout the various situations that accompany this creative process I personally calls it as happiness in every details.

Situation in the form of individual feelings becomes a stimulus in a work that is born with the intensity of process from time to time. A situation that exist outside of my experience become one of my responsive thinking spaces so that I also have to distance myself from all these events in order to get sufficient points of reflection. In essence, thinking about appearance in an imaginative context is the search for knowledge on a broad horizon.

Please enjoy my artworks and know that you are a part of the happiness of these works.

John Martono

200 x 140cm


Kain ,Benang, Cat Tekstil

Lukisan disulam dan dilukis (Sulaman melibatkan tetangga di sekitar studio)

Name :

John Martono

Social Media :

@JohnMartono (Instagram)

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