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fabric printing, embroidery, crochet

To predict the fashion trend, we have to see the behavior of recent events and history. As the pandemic goes by in 2019, the economy in the creative field is standing one's ground. Working from home to survive the pandemic has become a lifestyle, and social media's influence is getting stronger too. People are becoming more self-focused, trying many things, and becoming a hobby even with the pandemic. From a lifestyle like this, it can be predicted that when the pandemic conditions are better, people will be more expressive and influenced by the activities carried out during the pandemic.

This collection focuses on how our activities affect fashion in the future. Many people were looking for crafting activities during a pandemic, such as knitting, macrame, crochet, etc. The creative industry can survive this pandemic because people are trying to craft. From here, applying wool yarns represents these activities into this collection. To represent more, this collection is supported by the Simbar motif from Cirebon that symbolises the giver of life force and has the meaning of being able to survive and be strong (tenacious). Also, adding embroidery following the shape of the motif to support this representation.

100% viscose fabric, cotton wool yarns

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Stephanie Graciela Wiryadinata



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