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The pandemic has made people stronger in protecting themselves and longing for freedom to socialize. But on the other hand, humans become closer to the surrounding environment. Advances in technology also encourage humans to create innovations for life in the future.
This work is based on the results of trend analysis for the next 1 to 2 years by raising the keywords free (freedom), innovated, protected, & spiritual. The pattern used is a modification of the hornbill pattern of the Dayak tribe. This motif symbolizes closeness to nature, greatness, majesty, and strength. The hornbill also always flies freely and a symbol of the king who always protects his people.
The upper part is made using BIRLA Spunshades. Birla spunshades is a coloured fibre by Birla Cellulose. This fabric made by innovate colour-lock technology. Birla spunshades also has a soft texture, breathable, and eco-friendly..

Birla spunshades, brown imitation leather

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Aulia Fajrianingtyas



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