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During the pandemic, the popularity of online-based jobs soared. Many communities look for entertainment that is accessible from home. Then came the content creators, streamers, and virtual worlds in response to the demand for online entertainment. Many people try to expose their talents and work without showing their faces. These are chances for them to dress straight out as they want behind the camera. This internet-based job does not need to expose their real identity. They can even create a new identity according to the new person they want. This chance, of course, can make people love their new identity more without seeing their flaws. Therefore, people can be anything and wear whatever they wish. Maybe someone has not liked their face, voice, or even themselves because of their real-life environment. Nevertheless, with new opportunities behind the scenes, they can find a new community that can accept all their flaws and creates a new, more lovable person.

Katun toyobo, Organza metallic

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Alifia Putri Anindita



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