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Pineapple Leaf Fiber, or PALF, is an alternative material that is well known for its quality. It has a low density, good rigidity, and high durability and is rich in cellulose, cost-effective, intense, and has sustainable value. The use of pineapple leaf fiber has enormous potential and can be utilized in the textile industry. High bark, which comes from the tall tree (Ceriops tagal), is a very potent dye source. This tall tree has a significant source of tannins found in its bark. There are many studies on tall plants, the skin of which can be used as a dye. High ZPA extract produces a reddish-brown color.

With the exploration of the use of pineapple leaf fiber and high bark dye, the design work began to be explored following the design concept that was created, which was inspired by the form of waves that usually clash with something. The design emphasizes the wave, combined with messy texture by the fringe technique of tapestry, resulting in a disturbing waveform. The red color from the high bark also represents how a wave is disturbed by something.

Wave Clash


Stephanie Graciela Wiryadinata


Pineapple leaf fiber


120x60 cm

Plastic Balloons


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Stephanie Graciela Wiryadinata


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