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cotton milk yarn, acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, loopy fiber yarn, unused wool felt fiber

felting, crochet, tapestry, macrame

Haptic means relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception. This work has many embossed textures that can be felt to stimulate the sense of touch. In addition, this work is inspired by the sensitive feeling of the surrounding environment, which can be seen from the use of earth colors and inspired by natural forms such as leaves, flowers, mountains, etc. The use of earth colors reflects the nature surrounding us and the application of sustainability, which can be seen from the use of upcycling previously existing yarn materials or leftover yarns that are adjusted and strived to become a unified design.
This design has some very textured parts to stimulate the sense of touch. The treble crochet technique from the sleeves to produce a prominent texture, the use of macrame on the middle sleeve, and the embossed crochet flower accents, which can create a different texture even though they both use yarn. Then, the use of felt fiber on the shoulders and tapestry for the front and back can produce a smooth yet textured surface. This tapestry technique is also supported by using various types of threads and tapestry techniques that arise so that the resulting tapestry structure is not monotonous.

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Stephanie Graciela Wiryadinata



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