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Cotton yarns, polyester yarns, leftover denim pieces, unused felt fabric pieces, leftover mini toy blocks

Crochet, knitting, macrame, tapestry

The current trend that brings back, as what the youngsters call, a 2000-ish aesthetic is the heart of the concept. Inspired by some of the songs alongside their visualization that came out recently, the key is to bring along the spirit of freedom of a young soul. Breaking the barrier of expression known as the rules, playing however they want to, and the way they unbotheredly stand out become the identification of their inner soul, a kid deep down the heart.
The ribbing for the neckline, shoulders, and arms are created using the crochet techniques, and within, are applied several crochet techniques too as yet another form of freedom. The crochet also creates a space for tapestry techniques to be applied, while the tube top used knitting techniques and the macrame techniques are done for the latter part of the arms. The crochet along the knit area are made using a cotton yarn, while the macrame area used polyester yarns to creates more visible knots. Leftover denims and felt fabrics are used for the tapestry and around the macrame parts, mini toy blocks that are overly produced are drilled and applied alongside the knots to create even more playful feels!

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Vanessa Yofania



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