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“Mini Loopy” yarns, “Mohair” yarns , Natural Shiropshire 100% Wool, Sewing Thread, Pins.

Knitting, Crochet, Felting

The feeling of “Mati Rasa; (Numb)" is what inspires the creation process. A common and natural feeling as an ordinary human being. The desire to express how to recognize ourselves, appreciate confusion, and be able to control. How to feel anxious and courageous seeing one's own shortcomings is an important thing in life as an opportunity to grow and become a better person.
Visualized with work in the form of a sweater with an impression that is quite messy and dark with the selection of the type material chosen in order to create the desired impression. The addition of stitching, burning and pin were also added to the front of the work to add a more rustic feel. The shape of the elements on the front of the sweater is inspired by the ribs shape which is also widely interpreted as a very important thing in life, a feeling, and a thought.
The application of the concept of sustainability in the process of creating works is also realized by upcycling previously existing yarn materials.

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Alya Izza Kamilia



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