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Leftover yarn, used clothes, sakura milk cotton yarn, dahlia 100% acrylic yarn, swan yarn, macrame rope, and sequins

Tapestry for body parts; crochet for sleeves, body parts, rafflesia, orchid, and leaf; knitting for neck and wrist; and macrame for back

The concept of this sweater takes inspiration from the issue of the Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra, which since 2011 has been included in the list of dangers. This article was written by several media such as CNN on July 24, 2021. Its existence is threatened with extinction. This is caused by forest fires, hydropower dam construction issues, poachers, and the killing of the elephant Bunta in 2018. Meanwhile, in this area, there are much unique flora and fauna that can threaten its existence.

The techniques used in this work are tapestry, knitting, crochet, and macrame. The materials used to carry the concept of sustainability, so I use materials such as cloth from used clothes, leftover yarn from previous structure design assignments, and utilize additional materials such as sequins from remnants of other coursework. In addition, there is additional yarn material to cover the lack of leftover yarn.

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Aulia Fajrianingtyas



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