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Slab and coil

Stoneware, glazed, firing temperature 1180°C

Tangkuluak is one of the traditional clothing equipment originating from the West Sumatra area which is worn by Bundo Kanduang on the head. Tangkuluak is shaped like the traditional house from West Sumatra which is Rumah Gadang where women have the power over the house and symbolizes a sense of responsibility and as holders of the heirlooms. Although each region has
a different form, the origin, meaning and function remain the same. These diffrencial does not make any arguments in the customs but it more being a reality of variation that has to be trademark of one to another district. Tangkuluak can be divided into three types based on their shape which is Tangkuluak Baikek, Tangkuluak Tanduak and Tangkuluak Balapak. This artwork contains those three forms of Tangkuluak as an interior product which is table lamp as a result of the philosophy and symbolic meaning of Tangkuluak itself as a great heirloom

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Niemas Puteri Nefrian



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