Final Assignment

ECOWEEK is an event that emphasizes on sustainability and environmental issues. The fashion and textile industry is known to be a large source of water and air pollutants. However, there has been various efforts to provide more environmental-friendly alternatives to conventional processes and products. Because of this, the Craft Study Program at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, initiated ECOWEEK. Previously, ECOWEEK has been held as an offline event at our main campus. This year, due to the pandemic and for safety precautions, we will be moving to an online platform.

  • Karina Nasywa Bakri

    @_karinasywa_ (Instagram)

  • Muhammad Balya Alqarany

    @genta.ceramics (Instagram)

  • Nurgenny Yustikasari

    @gennyustika (Instagram)

  • Rashika Mahisasuramardini

    @rashikamahisa (Instagram)

  • Syafira Audianty

    @syafaudi (Instagram)

  • Muthia Riani

    @__mutee (Instagram)

  • Nadiah Husna

    @naddsea_ (Instagram)

  • Aqila Rachmani

    @aqilarch (Instagram)

  • Gina Ghaisani

    @ginaghsn (Instagram)

  • Runa Annisa

    @runanns (Instagram)

  • Shafa Inayah

    @shafayeah (Instagram)