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coconut fiber, sappan wood.

Felting technique on coconut fiber, dyed with sappan wood. 2021.

WICITRA in Javanese means ”miscellaneous”, represents the harmony of colors and textures applied. Also taken from the name of Prabu Kusuma Wicitra, the legendary King of Java who was able to have a revelation of changing the whole mountains’ names on Java Island to represents the tringular pyramid modulars as mountains and the gradations of brown, yellow, and red as the common colors that can be found around the volcanoes. The diamond geometry on modular base sections can philosophically be also interpreted as harmony and perseverance, as is the long process of making this work from the designer's personal point of view. This textile can be applied as decorative room divider, combined with drawers below.

Background Gallery_edited.jpg

Isabella Hana Rotua Harahap


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