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AKsesoris fashion

In this course is explained both in theory and practice about the history of fashion accessories. How fashion accessories there since the beginning of the human desire to decorate their bodies and its development tendency according to age and change of style and function. In addition to understanding the style and manner of use, technical and material awareness are the point that is emphasized in this course.


keramik dekorasi I

Students are given several theories of decoration and glazing, which include: Application of decoration on wet clay, and application of decoration on biscuit clay.




The course Sustainable Craft teach about sustainability principles and how they can be implemented at the craft practices in general and particularly in Indonesia.

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Wirausaha kriya


sculpture keramik

This course is to give a knowledge and understanding to student of process in making ceramic with sculptural form as an approach.


kriya keramik I

Students explore basic shapes using ceramic forming techniques are studied. Introduction to the theory and practice of the process of making ceramic craft product in the form of the cutlery (tableware) using clay materials and techniques kind stoneware play (throwing).

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kriya tekstil I

Textile Craft I course studies fashion trends of the last two centuries by examining important events from decade to decade.


kriya tekstil III

This course provide knowledge of textile materials originating from nature, which include natural fibers and natural dyes stuff. Natural fiber gives basic knowledge on top industries, covering fibers based on standard classification, historical background, terminology, standardization, function, characteristics, and data of excellent producer.


pembentukan dasar keramik

Students are given the theories and practices in forming ceramic craft works: Selection of clay material, Practices in creating various forms of ceramic craft works.

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reka struktur

This course gives comprehension of various kind of tools and materials used in designing processes for detailed and empirically – knitting and embroidery processing through aesthetic approaches, aspects of manufacturing production techniques, and their specialization. This course explains both the concepts and the techniques of fiber art works. This course also explains fiber art as the advanced development of a textile product. Experiment and handling of materials are essential to creating works of fiber art.

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