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The final product is a blanket (110 x 170 cm) that made from mostly from chenille yarn, cotton yarn, loopy yarn, and mohair yarn as an accent for the finishing touches. This blanket made from various different techniques that include knitting, crochet, and felting. The final products depict the visualization how abstract and complex the human emotions are, how unruly and intertwined the brain system works in order to provide the emotions. The vivid color portrays different emotions in human brain such as red as anger, blue as sad and serene, pink as hopeful, and a glimpse of light turquoise as burst of excitement. Sometimes we as human cannot describe what we feel because human feel all the emotions all at once. Each color intertwined with each other represent how different emotions knitted together to make feeling for us a human being.

The Complexity of Human Mind


Ken Kayla Smaradhina


Chennile yarn, Wool yarn, Mohair.


110x170 cm

Plastic Balloons


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Ken Kayla Smaradhina


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