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150 cm x 60 cm

Agel Fibers (Corypha utan), Ketapang Leaves (Terminalia Cattapa), Mango Leaves (Mangifera Indica)

Braided and Coilling.

Cogitatione et Luceat comes from Latin. Cogitatione or Cogitationis has the meaning of Reflection, meanwhile Luceat can be interpreted as Bias. So Cogitatione Et Luceat can be concluded as a reflection and bias which in this case is associated with the nature of water when exposed to light, especially sunlight. When the water is calm and illuminated by light, the reflections that appear on the surface of the water will be clearly visible.. However, if there is a gust of wind or ripples of water, this reflection will move and produce reflection of light that is previously clearly visible to be biased. This phenomenon usually occurs on a sunny day and also at dusk.
So the visualization of the reflection and bias of the water was adopted as a concept in the design of this work. This work uses agel fiber with natural dyes made from black ketapang and mango leaves, which combines two structural design techniques, namely braiding and coiling.

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Adelvia Pongsibidang


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