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50cm x 75cm

Sisal (Agave Sisalana) dyed with black catappa (Terminalia Catappa L.)

Weaving (plain weave, twill weave)

In life, humans go through various stages that are dynamic. The phase of human life (life span) generally starts from childhood, adolescence, to adulthood. This phase can then be further elaborated into more specifics, depending on the age-based classification being pursued. In each phase, humans experience certain crises, according to the stages of psychological development.
The depiction of the phases of life experienced by humans is associated with aspects of form, texture, and color that can represent the stages of human life. In this work, the aspects of form, texture and color are visual translations of the picture of the crisis of life experienced in the span of human life. As for the work entitled Fási, it is realized in modular textile sheets that are integrated into a single textile unit.

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Miptah Huromat Alfarizhi


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