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50cm x 150 cm

Kapok fiber (Gossypium sp.), avocado leaf (Persea americana)


Flores varii comes from Latin meaning a depiction ofvarious types of flowers arranged one by one to form a group of flowers that are combined into a single unit. The various kinds of flowers here have their own meaning, namely, first, the peach colored rose symbolizes modesty. The elegant beauty of the peach rose indicates a soft blush for a girl. This rose color speaks of seriousness, purity and innocence.
Peony represents classy and natural character. This flower also symbolizes good luck, and is known as the flower of prosperity and honor. Peonies are also sometimes associated with matchmaking and marriage immortality.
There are so many meanings of this flower besides having the meaning of holiness, this lily of the valley flower is also given the meaning as a symbol of simplicity, charm of beauty, charm of humility, purity, and also some people believe that this flower can bring good luck in the world of demand, so from The lily of the valley flower is often found in arrangements at weddings.
The beautiful Ranunculus flower is an excellent choice for a wedding bouquet, as it is available in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange, pale and apricot.
The flowers are also small, multi-petal and the price is quite cheap. Ranunculus symbolizes 'luminous charm', in other words it means 'you are very attractive'.
This work of mine uses kapok fiber using natural dyes made from avocado leaves using a color-making technique, namely simultaneous use of lime, simultaneous use of sea salt, pre-mordant using soda ash, and also post mordant with tunjung.
The technique used in making the fiber shape is felting by forming flower petals and pistils which are joined together using adhesive glue and also starch.

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Ziqra Jufri Ananda


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