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50 x 75 cm

Rami ( Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud) & Tingi (Ceriops candolleana)

Latch Hook

Kurarami is a form of instability in human nature where sometimes humans are afraid of falling into the dark, but at the same time, there is comfort in the darkness itself. Human nature cannot be judged from the outside alone, cheerful does not mean fine but it can be a form of self-protection against deep sadness.
Kurarami is a combination of the Japanese words kurayami (暗闇) which means darkness and Rami which is the main material for this work. Rami is a plant that has many uses. This shows that rami has many different properties that can be adapted to its uses. The form of kurarami itself is a representation of a rigid soul but has many colors and sizes that indicate the instability in its creation, just like human nature is defined by kurarami itself.

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Dina Angelina


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