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Breadfuit tree bark (Artocarpus altilis)

Colored with: Sappan wood (Caesalpinia sappan L.)

La Vie En Rose, meaning life in rosy hues. Comes from a hit french song by Édith Piaf. The expression is used to describe the act to see everything around you in cheerful, positive hues. Made from breadfruit tree bark (kayu lantung). To emulate the rosy hues from the song, breadfruit tree bark is colored with various shades of sappan wood. Breadfruit tree bark is bleached and colored, and cut into several sizes of sheets. After that, the bark sheets are folded into 3d origami.
The origami made to look like roses, and colored into rosy hues with sappan wood.

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Sarah Azzahra Firman


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