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50 x 150cm

Kulit Kayu Malo & Biji Alpukat


This artwork inspired by the blooming process of a flowers and also wants to wish everyone to have a good time/ bless that we had now. Sana all is a filipino phrase that means “i hope everyone experience that”.
Sana all made by a bark of Malo’s tree with two colours that comes from avocado seed. The dark colour is from simultan mordant, the dye mixed with Fe so the colour becomes a dark grey. The another colour is soft pink comes from the avocado seed and dyed in one night in this colour also has an eco-printing motive using marigold petals. The form of this artwork is an expression of spreading something light/good and happy around the dark/ unhappy feeling, that’s why it means “i hope everyone experience that”. The form modul also inspired by a blooming flowers.

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Hanna Maria Romauli



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