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50 x 150 cm

Coco fibre, glue, sappan wood, chalk, alum, ash soda

Felting, Pressed, Sticky glue

Trilateral Life is an artwork that was inspired by a triangle shape in mosaic glass. Trilateral was taken from “three sided/triangle” words, and this name means that life of a human just like a shape of a triangle. The color gradation from the dark to the light color that were colored by sappan wood (Biancaea Sappan) means the process of a human’s life. The triangle itself means that human has three sides of his/her mood, whether it’s the joyful one, the sad one, and the neutral side.
I designed Trilateral Life on a pressed felting coco fiber that was scoured and bleached, and combined with glue before the coco fiber was being pressed.

Background Gallery_edited.jpg

Amelinda Stefani


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